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Fur coats have long been considered a symbol of status and accomplishment. Commonly bought for luxury, fashion, and investment, fur coats have been used for their warmth and practicality in addition to style. From the history of the fur trade, to animal rights activists attempting to stop the use of real fur and animal fur by human beings, fur coats and other types of fur have prevailed as a primary source of fur fashion everywhere in cooler climates.

From sable fur, to beaver fur, to fox fur and more, fur bearing animals were traditionally a source of food, warmth, and income for many villagers. Today, vintage fur, used fur, and new fur from fur animals is still an environmentally friendly product.

But the usage of fur for warmth and style by humans is not only limited to fur coats – common and fashionable ways of wearing fur today include fur hats, fur muffs, fur vests, fur stoles, and more fur accessories.

Fur dealers today carry a wide range of fur coats to accommodate many desires. Besides women's fur coats and men's fur coats, plus size fur coats, pink fur coats, and other types of fur material and fur pelts are available. Selling fur requires the ability to meet demand for varied products. Specialty furs like mink fur, Alaskan fur, or fur with patterns are available through furriers, as well as discount furs.

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