Alaskan Fur Coats

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About the Alaskan Fur Coat Trade

In Alaska, the fur trade was the dominant force in their economy in the nineteenth and twentieth century. The Alaskan fur coat trade was primarily run by Russians, who used native hunters in Alaska as trappers.

Although many companies branched into other venues, one of the primary companies, the Shelikhov-Golikov company remained focused on Alaskan fur coats, owning and operating over forty fur trading centers in Alaska.

Alaskan fur coats have long been coveted for their durability, warmth, and stylistic appeal. Alaska has been one of the viable resources for fur for several hundreds of years.

Alaskan natives have been trapping since the beginning of their survival on the land; fur provides food, clothing, and money for village natives. Perhaps one of the reasons people prefer Alaskan fur coats, is that Alaska has long been one of the most notable resources for obtaining fur.

Mink, marten, beaver, and muskrat are only a few of the furs that are commonly trapped and used in Alaska for the making of Alaskan fur coats.

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