Animal Fur

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The history of animal fur trading

Animal fur has long been responsible for the livelihood of several groups of people, including the Canadian aboriginals and the Siberian aboriginals. Animal fur trading is also conducive to economies or communities that are faltering.

While animal rights activists have always attempted to prohibit the fur trade and the purchase of real fur, pro-fur organizations have tried since the beginning of the fur trade to produce the facts about animal fur. For example, not only does animal fur contribute to certain economies, but it is environmentally sound, and in the United States animal fur is only used from species that are not endangered. Indeed, because of the meticulous care for animals in North America, the continent is known for the production of the highest quality animal fur, and has been since shortly after the civil war.

Worn by many as a symbol of luxury, animal fur coats are generally praised for their durability, style, and practicality. The fur fashion in recent years has shown fur wearers to lean towards accessories like collars, trims, hats, and handbags.

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