Fur Bearing Animals

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Fur Bearing Animals

Although animal rights activists have been trying to stop the use of fur bearing animals by human beings, many people and groups, including the United States Food and Agriculture Organization, promote the use of animals by human beings.

These groups and people recognize that use of fur bearing animals by human beings is largely done in a responsible, ethical manner, including the proper care of fur bearing animals during farming, and the non-usage of endangered fur bearing animals in the United States.

Animal rights advocates who want to stop humans from using fur bearing animals are of the opinion that an ant is no different from a human being. They view humans and fur bearing animals as equal creatures, and attempt to impose their own value system on humans for exercising their freedom to use animal fur in a responsible manner.

Furriers recognize that the use of fur animals and other animals has long been practiced by humans to satisfy human needs. These needs could range from warmth, to food, to companionship. The responsible use of fur bearing animals ensures the proper care of fur bearing animals, and the usage of only species that are not endangered.

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