Fur Coat Storage

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How to make sure your fur coat is stored properly

If you own a fur coat or jacket, keeping it at home during the summer could severely harm the coat or jacket and therefore cost you money. Fur coat storage is a crucial part of the care of your fur coat, and should not be taken lightly. Proper fur storage should be in places with constant air circulation and fifty percent humidity.

Many people feel they can put their fur coats in their basement or cedar chest as a method of fur coat storage, but putting them in fur vaults is really the only way to avoid all possible damage from heat, insects, or unpleasant smells that might cling to the fur.

Only a professional furrier will have the appropriate fur vault that will keep your fur coat or jacket dark, cool, and protected from insects. So if you're going to spend the money on a fur coat, keep your investment protected and spend the money on proper fur coat storage.

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