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Wearing Your Fur Hat

Fur hats are known for their durability and comfort. Recognized worldwide for style, flair, and status, fur hats are defined by the long lasting quality of their fur and the comfort level of the hat.

In most of Europe, felt fur hats were extremely popular from the mid 16th century until about the mid 19th century. The felt fur hat industry was one of the biggest driving forces behind the fur trade industry. After the beaver became extinct in Europe, the North American fur trade became the source that kept fur hats selling for another two hundred years.

Fur hats can either be made either on a buckram frame, or combined with felt. A fur hat made entirely of fur will almost always be of better quality if the fur hat is made on a small or medium frame.

Each head is differently shaped, and although fur hats can generally adapt to different head sizes, the fur hat must still be correctly sized for your head.

Before wearing your fur hat, check the fit of it before wearing. A fur hat that fits you well is more likely to last, to conform to your head better, and to generally appear more pleasing to the eye.

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