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The comeback that fur muffs and fur collars are making in style

Fur coats have long been noted for two primary things: a symbol of status, and a symbol of practicality. But the common misconception is that fur coats are the only practical garment, and that status can only be symbolized by an actual full length coat.

In actuality, fur accessories like fur muffs and fur collars in particular, are said to be extremely popular in recent years. Ladies, if it's a nice day out and you don't want a case of hat hair by the time you get to the office, skip the fur hat and keep your ears warm with a pair of fur muffs instead. As effective in warmth as a fur hat, these fur accessories will do their job, but don't think you're compromising in investment – these fur muffs run almost as much as a hat would.

Fur collars are said to be another upcoming hit this fall and winter. If it's too warm a day for your full length fur coat, opt for a jacket with a fur collar to add some style, and a pair of fur muffs or gloves. Also good for keeping the wind chill factor off your neck, fur collars can easily be added to an existing fur coat or jacket by your furrier.

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