Fur Pelts

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Fur Pelt Methods

There are several methods for the cutting and assembly of fur pelts. The most popular and known method of assembling fur pelts is the “Let Out Method.” This involves the cutting of the pelt into narrow strips at a specific angle, and the re-sewing of the pelts back together in order to make the desired length for the fur coat.

This method of cutting fur pelts produces a strip for fur from top to bottom without any separation lines. This is the most labor intensive method of cutting and assembling fur pelts.

Another method of assembling fur pelts is the “Skin On Skin Method.” Three or four rows of pelts are set up, which produces a distinct series of lines showing a pelt to pelt look. Especially popular among Europeans, this is a bold look of fashion and works well with Fitch, Sable, and Chinchilla.

Another popular method of cutting pelts is the “Split Skin Method.” This is almost the same as the “Let Out Method,” but it allows for the splitting of the same pelt after the “Let Out” process and the adding of a leather pelt separator down the center of the skin.

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