Fur Repair

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How to know when your fur needs to be repaired

Any fur garment that you purchase should be properly cared for in order to preserve maximum life and protect your investment. Part of properly caring for your fur, is fur repair when your fur gets damaged or worn. Large or small, any rip or tear needs to be sent in for repair or the fur will not hold its value.

Allowing a rip or tear to remain in your garment without sending the fur for repair can harm entire sections of your fur, depending on what kind of garment it is. Avoid having to replace entire sections during fur repair just to restore value to your fur, by getting your fur repaired whenever it gets damaged.

Fur repair is one of the most important elements of maintaining your fur. Even seam openings in the lining can lead to the need for fur repair. The way to avoid costly and large fur repairs is to get your fur repaired and checked regularly, while the repair to the fur is still small.

Wear and tear is generally well resolved by tucking or shortening the fur, a common method of fur repair. Wear and tear is also well prevented by getting your fur examined and cleaned every spring, another aspect of fur repair.

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