Types of Fur

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Choosing the type of fur thatís right for you

There are so many different types of fur on the market, and it's important to know what type of fur you want to purchase before you begin your search. Not knowing what type of fur you want for yourself, or conversely, not knowing what types of fur are out there, can lead to a much longer process in the decision making on your fur garment.

Long-haired types of fur include fox fur, beaver fur, raccoon fur, fisher fur, fitch fur, sable fur, muskrat fur, coyote fur, chinchilla fur, lynx fur, and otter fur.

Raccoon fur is usually a silvery black striped type of fur. Beaver furs are brown types of fur. Coyote fur coats are blonde to beige types of fur. Fitch furs are a cream type of fur with a black or brown overtone, usually eggshell white but with a brownish blackish stripe.

Sheepskin jackets are popular among people who crave warmth and durability in their coat, but want something a little more casual than the traditional fur coat.

Fisher fur is a type of fur that is chestnut dark brown to deep mahogany brown, usually with a touch of black in it. Native to Canada, fishercats look like sable fur, but wear like raccoon fur. Fitch fur is a type of fur that is commonly likened to ferrets, but in actuality the fitch is in the mink and weasel family. Muskrat furs are types of fur that is relatively inexpensive and smaller. Chinchilla fur is extremely expensive. Their skins are small, so it takes about one hundred to one hundred and twenty skins to make a coat from Chinchilla furs.

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