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Buying a Menís Fur Coat

Men's fur coats are making a comeback again in recent years, and some are surprised. In the 17th century, hunters and gatherers wore men's fur coats as well, though not necessarily for status, or for aesthetic reasons. In the 1920's however, men's fur coats were considered to be a symbol of status, and many businessmen wore fur coats and skins. A man in a fur coat was considered to be of certain wealth and establishment.

In the 1970's, men's fur coats came into popular fashion, on magazines and on celebrities, though not for practical reasons. And now, in the 21st century, men's fur coats seem to be making a comeback once again.

Style choices for men's fur coats today are not limited like they once were to full length coats; now men's fur coats range from classic styles to bomber jackets to suede codes.

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