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The truth about real fur coats

Although animal rights activists have been trying for years to campaign against real fur producing entities, in reality, real fur is environmentally friendly. Animal rights activists oppose fur use for real fur coats and use of meat and dairy products. However, proactive real fur organizations study the facts about environmentally sound products like real animal fur, and make choices about producing or wearing real fur without the influence of animal rights activists.

The production of real fur involves no waste. Production involving no waste is crucial to conservation. Real fur and the production of it is also part of conservation. Real fur bearing animals raised on farms also take care of the disposal of unfit farm products for humans to consume. For example, meat, poultry, and other grains that humans could not consume would require disposal, usually costly, if it weren't for animals with real fur disposing of that waste.

Real fur coats have traditionally been worn and used for warmth, luxury, and durability. Although many of our environmental decisions have global implications, real fur is actually an ecologically friendly product. In addition, real fur sold in the United States is never from an endangered species.

Animal rights activists and others look down on people for wearing real fur coats, but yet many of the same people still eat meat. People who wear real fur coats have a right to choose to purchase fur, and to wear it without being harassed by people against the production of real fur coats.

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