Selling Your Fur

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How furriers look at used furs

There are many reasons why someone would want to sell a fur coat, fur jacket, or other fur garment. Perhaps a relative left you a fur, perhaps your current fur coat is old, or perhaps you just want to sell the fur to a furrier.

First, know what kind of fur you are selling. Is it mink, sable, beaver, or fox? Is it a natural color or a dyed color? How old is the fur for sale? Is the fur for sale in good condition? Has the fur you are selling been properly cared for each spring? What about fur repairs? Has the fur for sale had repairs? Has the fur you are selling had proper fur coat storage? All of these are important questions and play a role in how the furriers you want to sell to will view your coat.

Another few key elements of selling a fur are the size of the fur for sale and the style of the fur for sale. If your fur coat is a smaller size, well known furriers will not purchase it as quickly as they might purchase a larger size. Additionally, if your fur coat is a more unique style, it usually will not resell as quickly a more generic style would.

As with any asset, selling your fur can be stressful. You want to make sure that you get the best price for your garment from the furrier, without having to go through a huge ordeal. The best way to go about selling your fur effectively is to know as much about your fur piece as possible, so when you negotiate with the furriers, you'll be well prepared.

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