Wearing Fur Clothing

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Why people have supported fur

The wearing of fur clothing is making a comeback, despite valiant attempts from pushy animal rights activist groups, and a faltering economy. Indeed, fashion models in well known magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and more are being seen wearing fur clothing.

And wearing fur clothing doesn't stop at fur coats. These models are pairing fur gloves with matching fur hats, and fur belts that match their fur trimmed boots.

Wearing fur clothing has traditionally been seen as a symbol of status, luxury, and beauty, although warm and practicality are two main reasons for wearing fur clothing other than aesthetics.

When animal rights activist groups such as PETA try to argue against wearing fur clothing, furriers and fur dealers generally point out the strict regulations imposed upon fur traders and trappers ensuring that no animal that is part of an endangered species is killed for its fur in the United States. Therefore, when you are wearing fur clothing that came from an animal that was raised in the U.S, and that you bought in the U.S., you can be assured that you are not wearing fur clothing made from an animal in an endangered species.

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