Women’s Fur Coats

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Why Fur Coats are Sexy

Women have long considered fur coats to be a symbol of status, wealth, and class. Today, the market for women's fur coats is larger than ever. Fur coats for women make up the largest part of the fur coat market, and will continue to for years to come.

Many men and women consider there to be nothing quite like a sexy fur coat on a woman going out to an event or on a date. From minks to sables, from hooded fur coats to fur and leather coats, it's easy to see why women's fur coats are sexy.

Fur and leather coats are especially popular this season; they could be anything from a leather coat trimmed with fur, a fur and leather jacket, or a full length fur and leather coat.

And as far as hooded fur coats go – forget all those images of puffy windbreaker hoods – hooded fur coats can actually be some of the sexiest fur coats around. Ladies' fur coats with trimmed fur hoods are known for not only their practicality when it comes to extremely cold weather, but also for their stylish ability to make a hooded fur coat be a sexy fur coat.

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