Sable Fur

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Why Russian fur is so prized

The sable is an animal that is part of the weasel family, native to Europe, Asian and America. Russian fur is commonly sable fur. It has long been coveted for its valuable fur, and its ability to make a fine and valuable sable coat. The sable is close in family to the marten, but its head and ears are longer. A sable coat is traditionally made up of soft wool topped by a dense coat of fur, and then topped again by an even longer coat of hair; its ability for warmth and practicality makes it no wonder that the sable coat is so valuable.

A sable coat is one of the most coveted types of fur coat in the fur industry. Sable comes from Russia and is typically extremely expensive. There are Canadian versions of sable fur coats, and also American versions of sable fur coats. However, Russian sable fur coats are more expensive than their North American counterparts, mostly because the amount of sable skin in Russia is limited. Russian fur is hard to come by under any circumstances. Canadian sable coats are more abundant and therefore more economical in price.

Sable fur coats are known for their silkiness and their rarity, so rest assured that if you are considering the purchase of a sable coat, you won't be compromising in value. Russian fur is generally rare, well made, and widely prized. Russian sable fur coats in particular are known for their silky quality. If you're looking for a coat that is light weight but will still keep you warm, go with a Russian sable fur coat. Keep in mind that Russian sable fur coats are seen as a symbol of status due to their rarity, and it's unlikely to find a deal here. If you're looking to cut corners price-wise, don't look for a Russian fur.

The most valuable sables are Siberian fur and Russian fur, and make an extremely costly, warm, and practical sable fur coat.

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